Project Stats
Al. Neyer, Inc.
Location Norwood, OH
Size 23.00 Acres

Services Provided:


    • ALTA Surveys
    • Boundary Surveys
    • Construction Layout & Staking
    • Easement Exhibits & Descriptions
    • Legal Descriptions
    • Location Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys

    • Erosion Control Planning, Permitting & Inspection
    • Grading & Earthwork Analysis
    • Storm Water Collection System
    • Storm Water Control Facilities
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

    • Due Diligence Research

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Project Highlight

Located in Norwood, Linden Pointe on the Lateral is a brownfield site that was originally a furniture factory and later used as a parking lot for new vehicles rolling off of GM’s assembly line. Because of its previous occupants, the site had to be decontaminated prior to development. To ensure the project stayed on schedule, design was broken into two phases. The first phase was based on existing conditions (pre-ODOT/city improvements) and included the non contaminated areas. The second phase of development, which included an entrance to the site, consisted of post environmental cleanup and post ODOT/city improvements.

The multi-phase design coordinated with the City of Norwood and ODOT's Montgomery Road and West Norwood Avenue improvements which included the reconfiguration of the 5 way intersection of Montgomery Road, Norwood and Carthage Avenues and the ramp to the Norwood Lateral in order to eliminate the entrance ramp, remove Carthage Avenue and construct the Joseph E Sanker Boulevard along the southern edge of the development. Since the Linden Pointe construction schedule was ahead of the roadway improvements Bayer Becker designed the site to function with the pre and post roadway improvements. This guaranteed that regardless of the status of the roadway improvements and environmental cleanup the site had adequate access and parking capacity to support the new tenants at the Development.

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