Project Stats
DHArchitects, Inc.
Location Fairfield, OH
Size 1 955.00 sq ft - Building Pad

Services Provided:


    • Construction Layout & Staking
    • Topographic Surveys

    • Erosion Control Planning, Permitting & Inspection
    • Grading & Earthwork Analysis

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Project Highlight

Bayer Becker was proud to provide design services on the Joe Nuxhall Pavilion, within waterworks park in Fairfield, Ohio. The project involved the construction of a central plaza area with a building, covered dining area, concessions, storage and restrooms for the Fairfield Youth Baseball Association. A bronze statue commemorating Joe Nuxhall was also included as part of the project.

Three buildings on the site were demolished to make way for the pavilion. Bayer Becker’s site design was critical because of the pavilion’s location between several existing ball fields, and working with existing utility infrastructure. Grading for the site presented several challenges to accomplish drainage and maintain pedestrian friendly slopes for the much enlarged building area. Existing water and sewer utility infrastructure needed to be upgraded in order to provide adequate facilities to the site.

Bayer Becker’s ability to provide site design regardless of the constraints and conditions was a key factor in Nuxhall Pavilion’s completion. Our understanding of the relevant regulations and recommendations also helped the project reach completion, allowing it to be a blessing for adults and kids of all ages.


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