Project Stats
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Location Fairfield, OH
Size 113.00 Acres

Services Provided:


    • Construction Layout & Staking
    • Topographic Surveys

    • Bidding Assistance
    • Construction Administration
    • Erosion Control Planning, Permitting & Inspection
    • Grading & Earthwork Analysis
    • Storm Water Collection System
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

    • Roadway Design
    • Street Rehabilitation

    • Design Standards and Guidelines
    • Master Planning
    • Plan Implementation Strategies
    • Preliminary Budgeting - Final Cost Estimating
    • Site Planning

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Project Highlight

Bayer Becker's ability to provide project management was on full display when Liberty Mutual planned a $3.4 Million renovation to their existing facility. For the project, Bayer Becker provided design solutions for the existing parking lots, which were over 20 years old. Bayer Becker evaluated the condition of the existing asphalt parking lots, identified rehabilitation or reconstruction measures, improved circulation and parking efficiency of the facility. In addition to the existing parking, designs were completed for two new lots. Bayer Becker also provided project management services and was responsible for selecting the geotechnical and lighting consultants and coordinating their work.

As part of Bayer Becker’s pre-planning, several site plans were completed to maximize the space to coordinate the shift of spaces for relocated employees. In addition, utilities were located and proposed access drive and aisles were designed, curb and sidewalk details and pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction areas were mapped out. Bayer Becker’s pre-planning and in depth scheduling allowed the project to run ahead of schedule with regard to construction.

Bayer Becker analyzed the geotechnical site investigation and recommended resurfacing one lot and total reconstruction of the remaining three lots. In addition, Bayer Becker recognized that the majority of the existing pavement failures were the result of saturated sub-base soils. Bayer Becker implemented a series of under drain systems beneath the pavement of each reconstructed lot to convey subsurface water to the storm sewer system. This measure will prevent future saturation of the sub-soils and extend the life of the pavement.

The new pavement areas constituted a substantial increase in the amount of impervious land cover which represented a potentially significant increase in storm water runoff rates and volumes. Bayer Becker’s design included the expansion of the existing detention basin to satisfy the storm water management regulations of the City of Fairfield and the water quality requirements of the Ohio EPA.

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