Wake Nation!

Wake Nation is a wakeboarding facility located within Joyce Park in Fairfield, Ohio. The project is the first of its kind in the Tri-State area, and one of only seven in the nation. Wake Nation features an eight acre man-made lake with tow ropes pulled by overhead cables; allowing people to wakeboard, wakeskate, water ski and knee board. The lake has ramps and jumps that enable the participants to do tricks and stunts. The site also includes an observation deck, a pro shop and a concession stand.

Bayer Becker's expert land development consulting skills were leveraged, adding value by offering the following design solutions: maximizing land usage and minimizing site runoff. To maximize the land usage, Bayer Becker coordinated with the City of Fairfield Parks Department, an adjacent land owner, to facilitate a land swap. The reconfigured parcels provided the opportunity to improve functionality of each proposed project while maximizing the use of the land.


The project site lacked a defined storm water outlet and the project team was concerned with discharging concentrated runoff towards downstream residential properties. Recognizing the granular nature of the existing sub-soils, Bayer Becker designed a system to infiltrate the storm water runoff into the ground, eliminating any downstream concerns. In addition, since the majority of the runoff is generated from asphalt parking lots and drive aisles, pollution of the groundwater from oil, transmission fluid, etc. was a concern. Bayer Becker’s design included a water quality basin just upstream of the infiltration practice, which was designed to remove those types of pollutants.


Bayer Becker is proud to add Wake Nation's unique project to our extensive recreation portfolio. Feel free to ask about others, we'll be happy to share more.


For more information about Wake Nation please visit their website at:www.wakenation.com

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