Bayer Becker's CWI Rain Garden Projects

Bayer Becker Donates Design Consulting Experience to the Clean Water Indiana Program

       Bayer Becker continued their leadership in sustainability stewardship in 2008 with an in-kind donation to the Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Grants Program for Dearborn County Soil and Water Conservation District (DCSWCD). The State Soil Conservation Board of Indiana's (SSCB's) Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Grants Program provides Indiana's Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) with a great opportunity to showcase pilot programs of what Hoosier conservationists can do when given the resources to make a difference.  Bayer Becker also used this opportunity to provide training to additional staff members to help increase the company knowledge base concerning rain garden design.    

       Working side by side with Jennifer Hughes, DCSWCD CWI program coordinator, Bayer Becker conducted on site interviews with three single family applicants. Each project provided  a unique set of design criteria, and substantial existing storm water runoff challenges. Utilizing site observations and GIS data, team members were able to create a base map and calculate required water quality storage volumes. In each instance Bayer Becker recommended diverting the downspouts from the existing underground drainage system, redirecting water into the proposed rain garden.  Each rain garden was designed to hold a 1” minimum rainfall event and planted with vegetation based on microclimate and client preferences. Designs included a perennial butterfly garden, a full sun native only garden, and a mixed variety full shade garden. Upon completion of each design, team members returned to the applicant’s residence to deliver the plans personally, explain the design solutions, and at the owner’s request, field locate the outline of the rain gardens. Under the terms of the grant, each applicant was responsible for the installation of the rain garden by the end of last year. 

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