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Posted on 10/9/2014
Residential Land Development Design Experts... from Suburban Greenfields to Urban In-Fill & Everything in Between   Residential Site Design Expertise • Single and Multi-Family design experience • Experience with zoning regulations and design guidelines throughout the Tri-State • Our site designs seamlessly blend new projects to existing areas and minimize disruption Our...Read more>

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With your experience, insight and improvement suggestions to our master plan, the location of the complex was repositioned to optimize the access for the school, save trees, and to best meet the needs of our neighbors all while meeting our financial goals. Your well prepared presentations in the public approval process gave reassurance to all of the stakeholders that this would be a great project.

From a project management standpoint, you were by our side throughout the construction phase, showing your attention to detail and assistance with the construction administration and coordination of contractors.

- Jeff Kordenbrock, Director of Facilities - Thomas More College