Project Stats
Northern Kentucky University
Location Highland Heights, KY
Size 16.00 Acres
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Services Provided:


    • GPS Control Surveys
    • Location Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Utility As-Builts & Record Drawings

Project Principal

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Project Highlight

Critical utility and infrastructure relocation work needed to be completed in order to facilitate the construction of Northern Kentucky University’s Griffin Hall School of Informatics. Serving as the project surveyor, Bayer Becker created an accurate base map, which was an absolute must first step in this 53 million dollar project.

In addition to the base map, there was a need for a detailed survey with accurate locations of the underground utilities. Beneath the new building’s footprint were an extensive and complex network of existing underground utilities and tunnels serving adjacent buildings and facilities. The university experienced significant construction delays and infrastructure damage on the previous construction project adjacent to this site, and determined that an accurate base map was the best way to avoid a similar experience with this site.

Bayer Becker completed the survey and base map and was able to use their technological expertise to further add value by creating a photo-linked PDF drawing to identify unique utility features and structures. Dozens of items were tagged on the drawing, each tag linking to a photograph taken in the field of that corresponding item. This allowed the university staff to be able to quickly identify what type of utility they were looking at. This tool was shared with the University’s Operations and Maintenance team in order to "fill in the blanks" and create a comprehensive map which leveraged their knowledge and understanding of the site.

Bayer Becker’s pre-project planning prior to and project monitoring throughout the project ensured Bayer Becker thoroughly understood the project’s scope and client’s needs. The facilities engineer for the school met directly with our team and outlined their expectations in detail. His experience from the previous construction project (designed and surveyed by others) left enormous room for improvement - and Bayer Becker delivered.


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